Written for You provides individual customers, students, businesses and organisations with high-quality writing, formatting, proofreading, and light editing for all documents. We also offer French and Spanish translation.

Our subsidiary service, Data for You, provides schools and small businesses with bespoke data packages.

Production (writing and formatting) of

  • CVs and supporting statements
  • job application letters
  • personal statements (college, UCAS etc)
  • letters of complaint (a lot less expensive than employing a solicitor!)
  • text for invoices, order forms etc
  • text for advertisements, press releases, websites, flyers, magazines and newsletters
  • a wide range of reports
  • speeches and presentations
  • financial bids

Proofreading and light editing – correction of spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes, formatting and suggestions for more appropriate vocabulary

  • school, college and university coursework, essays, dissertations and theses
  • manuscripts
  • advertisements, press releases, websites, flyers, magazines and newsletters

Data management services:

  • For schools and small businesses

We have a highly- qualified and experienced data manager who can produce bespoke data packages to meet the needs of your organisation at a fraction of the cost of commercial products. With our combined experience of both education and commerce, we have a profound understanding of the needs of schools and retail organisations. Unlike ‘off-the-shelf’ data products, we can customise your template so that it reflects exactly the context and information you wish to include.

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Why use Written for You and Data for You?

Whether it is a piece of writing you need or a data package, we can meet your exact requirements. Despite all the benefits of our hi-tech age, no amount of technology makes up for the ability to write in a fluent, accurate and appropriate style to make maximum impact, or to check through and correct documents. Nor do the many commercial data packages available to schools and small businesses cater for individual needs.

Keeping it simple…

We aim to keep as simple as possible every aspect of the work you ask us to do – life’s too short for fuss and frills! Fees are highly competitive and include preparation and redrafting to meet your precise requirements for the finished product. We can gather the necessary information from you by telephone, email or by your uploaded information. If more convenient, we can arrange to receive your instructions face-to-face.

Normally, the work is completed within 5 working days, although this does depend on the nature of the task.

No job is too small!

Aiming for perfection

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the project, we will refine it until you are. That’s a promise!

All  clients who use our personal statements to support their applications to university courses have been accepted, and a very high proportion of clients who ask us to draft their CV and job application supporting statement not only are invited to interview, but are appointed to the position! A number of local and national government offices, as well as large corporations, have felt the full force of the letters we have written on behalf of irate clients, and in some cases compensation has been awarded by the offending body.  Our data packages are particularly welcomed by schools seeking to set targets and track progress and attainment without recourse to the plethora of expensive commercial products which, all too often, are overly complex and simply not user-friendly.