Letters of Complaint

Letters of Complaint

Letter Writing Service

Few of us are satisfied all of the time with the different services we use. Sometimes we can resolve issues on the ’phone or in person, but a carefully structured letter is often needed to make the point with the top people in the organisation and to achieve the result we are looking for, including compensation.

A solicitor’s letter, as I have found to my cost, can be very expensive – up to £250 per letter, with no guarantees of success. A number of websites offer tips on how to write a letter of complaint and provide templates for you to fill in yourself. Written for You offers you so much more – a politely assertive letter written specifically for you in a straightforward and direct style which will show the recipient that you mean business. All for a fraction of the cost of a solicitor’s letter!

All you need to do is outline your complaint on the Written for You information form and I will do the rest for you. Not only will I help you to find the best person to write to, I can make some suggestions about sending a copy to someone else in the same or a related organisation to reduce significantly the chances of your letter being ignored.

Over the years, I have made complaints on my own behalf and behalf of others to a range of agencies, including

  • local and national government departments
  • MPs
  • Barnet and Kings Mill NHS Trust Chief Executives
  • the MET Police
  • retail outlets and head offices
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • banks
  • British Gas
  • O2
  • BT
  • Transport for London

Most recently, I successfully challenged the Home Office on one of its immigration laws, achieving a Supreme Court victory for my daughter and her husband which led to a change in the law.

Please download the information sheet here, fill it in and upload the completed form using the contact form to the left of this page or email it to info@written-for-you.co.uk.