Whatever kind of manuscript you have just written and are now checking through, I guarantee that you will not find all your mistakes! We see what we hope to see, especially when we have been immersed in a piece of work for any length of time. In fact, if we knew what our mistakes were, we wouldn’t have made them in the first place!

Let me proof read and copy edit your work. I will look out for technical accuracy (spelling, punctuation, grammar, paragraphing, and appropriateness of vocabulary to the text) and improve your work for you.

I can proofread and light edit your manuscripts:

  • short stories
  • journal articles
  • research papers
  • speeches
  • profiles
  • biographies
  • presentations
  • articles for publication

Why bother asking me to proofread and light edit when your PC or laptop has so many check features?

An electronic spelling and grammar check is no substitute for review by an intelligent language specialist. I not only have an excellent knowledge of English spelling, punctuation and grammar, but can recognise every type of error. A computer checks blindly, ignoring, for example, the fact that you wrote ‘form’ instead of ‘from’ and ‘affect’ where you meant ‘effect’. It will not tell you that ‘you’ is wrong if you meant to write ‘your’ or ‘to’ if you meant ‘too’.

If you’ve used non-standard language for any reason – poetic licence, transliterations, unusual punctuation – I will understand why and will be able tell the difference between deliberate language choices and unwanted errors.

I will not share your work with anyone else or even retain it on my own system. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Simply upload your work using the contact form to the left of this page or email it to