Small Businesses

As a consumer, previous employer of 150 staff and Managing Director of a small company for four years, I know that every bit of written material about a company or organisation is either good or bad publicity.

When we meet someone for the first time, we form a lasting impression of that person from their appearance. It’s the same when we go into a website, look at an advertisement, read a flyer, fill in a form, listen to a speech or presentation: we make a judgement about the professionalism, reliability and efficiency of that company or organisation based on the technical accuracy (spelling, punctuation, grammar), content and presentation of what we are reading or listening to.

I have years of successful experience writing and designing all nature of documents and text for

  • advertisements
  • job descriptions and person specifications
  • reports
  • forms
  • webpages
  • press releases
  • social and business networks
  • newsletters
  • speeches and presentations
  • financial bids

If you prefer to do the writing yourself, I’m happy to proofread and light edit your document. Go to the ‘proofreading and light editing’ link for more details.

Just email me your request at